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Katrina Class

When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, the rest of the country could only read about the devastation suffered by residents in addition to the damage to homes and businesses, but for those directly impacted, it was a life-changing event.

Even though a work of fiction, the story follows one main family through their lives leading up to the hurricane, their fight for survival post-disaster, and the shaping of their new lives after rebuilding and putting their world back together.

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Roy LeBlanc

About the Author

Meet Roy LeBlanc

Roy LeBlanc is the author of Katrina Class, The Creole Son, Someplace Better and Comfortable Graves. Growing up in New Orleans with 9th Ward family roots, he learned from a rich variety of unique experiences. Disguising blue-collar family traditions behind a thin veneer of polish, success brought breakfast in the Governor’s Mansion, private jets and the honor of being one of the youngest ever elected to a major Louisiana political office.

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